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Welcome from the Director

I extend my hearty welcome to all the students seeking admission in the Centre for Bioresource Research, CBRC. As we know that Natural Resources are the precious national reserves, consisting of animals, plants and other Living entities. These are all what we see and can observe in our daily lives. Efficient and effective utilization of resources can not only contribute to the economy and well-being of the mankind but is leading us to the scientific understanding of their working and ultimately to the welfare of the mankind. Unfortunately, these resources are Limited and in developing countries like Pakistan, there is a need to use them optimally and preserve for future benefits. Recently food shortage and energy crisis in Pakistan have severely affected the economy of the country. There are remedial approaches, which, if applied amicably, can overcome the problem.

Evolutionary history of university level institutions suggests holistic approach for imparting knowledge through education research and innovations. The institute of Natural and Management Sciences. CBR is pursuing its endeavor for planned outputs by focusing on these three aspects for acquiring knowledge. This is an emerging institute, offering both undergraduate and post-graduate research oriented degrees in the field of biological sciences. In addition, we prefer to involve students in practical learning as part of academic programs. The research is an important component of our academic activities. CBR stands for quality excellence, farness and equal opportunities for those who have the courage and understanding to grab them. CBR promotes innovations in the field of bio-sciences to enable students to become a sound professional and a leader. We offer ample opportunities to our students to link up with the international institutions. Once you enter CBR, your hard work and commitments can explore the new dimensions in your career. We have already initiated a joint Ph.D programme in Environmental Science in collaboration with the wirght state University, USA.

I hope that your stay in the campus will be intellectually stimulating as well as professionally rewarding. I further hope that it will facilitate the process of your emergence as a complete person, with an all-round development in personality, through the effects of a dedicated team of faculty member with exemplary standards in teaching and research. May Allah bless and help you succeed in your endeavors.

Ms. Fakhra Nazir

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