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Faculty Of CBR

The Faculty of the Centre for Bioresource Research (CBR) consists of the following young & energetic professionals who have an ardent desire to uplift the science education and introduce new methodologies in the country. They have a patriotic zeal which is translated into their work of national importance. They comprise of diverse fields and believe in a multidisciplinary entrepreneurial approach. One of the unique features is that our faculty also consists of foreign academicians & researchers too.

OUR FACULTY (Biological Sciences)

Dr. Zahid Husain FLS

Professor of Zoology Regular

Dr. Afsar Mian

Professor of Zoology Regular


Professor of Zoology Regular

Ms.Fakhra Nazir

Assistant Professor of Zoology

(Ph.D Scholar) Regular

Ms. Safia Janjua

Assistant Professor Biochemistry

(Ph.D Scholar) Regular

Ms. Kainaat William

Lecturer Regular

Dr.Sajjad Shami

Professor of Zoology Visiting Faculty

Dr. Samina Jalali

Professor of Zoology Visiting Faculty

Dr. Kishwar Sultana

Professor of Botany Regular

Dr. Rizwana Aleem

Professor of Botany Visiting Faculty

Mr. Abdul Shakoor

Assistant Professor of Statistics Visiting Faculty

Dr. Muhammad Rafique

Assistant Professor of Zoology Visiting Faculty

Dr. Nafeesa Qudsia

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Regular Faculty

Dr. Muhammadi

Assistant Professor of Zoology Visiting Faculty

Dr. Saeed uz Zaman

Assistant Professor of Fisheries Regular Faculty

Ms. Samreen Aruge

Lecturer of Zoology Regular

Dr.Syed Aneel Gilani

Assistant Professor of Botany Visiting Faculty

Dr. Ijaz Ahmed

Lecturer of Botany Visiting Faculty

Foreign Visiting Faculty

Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burach

Professor(Ph.D)Animal Physiology and Diseases

Dr.Roy Jones


Dr.Thomas P.Roony


Mr. Paul Hammond

Professor(Captive Wildlife Solutions)

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