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Student Handbook
Rules & Procedures for Students
Dear Student
Congratulations! You have been admitted to Institute of Natural and Management Sciences INAM, affiliated with the University of Sargodha. To benefit more from your stay and studies, you need to know the rules and regulations of this institute. It will be very helpful to go through these guidelines and procedures and refer to them whenever the need arises.
Get yourself Registered
Once the candidate is informed for his/her selection for admission in INAM for the degree programme, he/she is advised to follow the registration process of the institute, which includes:

After the registration has been completed you will become a bonafide student of the Institute during the term for which you have been registered. No student can register in any other degree programme other than one enrolled in INAM at the same time.

Student Advisers
Student Advisers will assist and help you solve your academic and other problems. The procedure shall be as follows:

2. General Rules & Regulations
Fees and Dues
You are required to deposit the fee as given in the prospectus.

Refund of Security Deposit
You can claim a refund of your ‘Refundable Security Deposit’ only after you have completed degree and received a transcript of results or when you quit the institute during studies. Security deposit is not refundable if you have received any ‘Fee Concession’ or financial assistance from INAM during the course of your studies.
You may discontinue, if you so desire, in accordance with the Sargodha University regulation. However, the ‘Admission Fee’ will not be returned.
The fee structure differs from program to program. Please see the recent prospectus or consult the INAM Administration for details.
In order to encourage the students, INAM offers scholarships to deserving students.
Merit Scholarship:
Students who secure first position in the semester examination and fulfill the following criteria will be eligible for the award of this Merit Scholarships.
Eligibility Criteria:


Number of Scholarship:
One for each degree program
Financial Assistanceship:
Financial assistance is provided to deserving students on merit who are unable to meet expenses of program of study. The continuity of such assistance entirely depends upon the progress of student.
Eligibility Criteria:

Students who fulfill these criteria shall apply on prescribed form to INAM administration requesting for the financial assistance. The decision of director INAM shall be final for the award.

Number of Scholarship:

Student Discipline:
The students should follow the rules and regulations includings discipline and examination as prescribed from time to time. These rules should become the part of undertaking on stamp paper.

Punishment for violation of Discipline
The following offences may result in the outright cancellation of admission:
a.   Using unfair means/ cheating in the examination held at the INAM or helping other students during the exam.
b.   Insolent behavior towards any member of the staff or obnoxious remarks about any teacher or student.
c.   Involvement in anti-social or anti-state activities.
d.   Affiliation with any extremist group or terrorist organization or propagation of sectarianism, parochialism and feelings of hatred.
3. Academic Policies and Procedures
Class Representatives
Every year students choose their representatives in their classes based on their inter - personal skills and academic performance. The main responsibilities of a CR are as follows:

4. Examinations & Performance Evaluation
During a semester two exams are conducted, a Mid-term exam and a Final term exam. The date sheet for both is displayed on notice board atleast three weeks prior to exams.

Library and Science Labs
Library rules

  • Students are required to deposit their personal belongings e.g. bags, books, files & folders at the table/rack near the entrance. Eating, sleeping and playing inside the library are strictly prohibited.
  • Students should maintain absolute silence inside the library. They are not allowed to bring in guests. Group discussions are not allowed inside the library. The Librarian may ask a student to leave if she creates noise or breaks any of these rules.
  • Students are advised not to write on, tear off or deface library books or furniture by anything such as ballpoint, marker, pen, pencil etc. The library staff can inspect any book in possession of a student inside the library.

Computer Labs
All regular students are entitled to use computer labs facilities. The following rules will be strictly observed:

Internet connection is available to computers in computer lab. The systems in the labs are provided on first come first served basis. If there are students in the queue, waiting, the lab assistant can limit the usage time, say, half an hour or so at one time.

Students must

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