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Sr# Name TITLES Program Status
1 Samina Shabbir Raja Ethnobotanical study on traditional use of medicinal plants for the treatment of wounds by the local communities of Tehsil Kahuta, District Rawalpindi M. Phil Botany In progress
2 Kokab Sabir Khan Ethno Pharmaceutical application of medicinal plants used for tuberculosis in Tehsil Pallandri, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan M. Phil Botany In progress
3 Mehwish Zarif Ethnobotany of Medicinal Plants of Tehsil Kotli Sattian, District Rawalpindi M. Phil Botany In progress
4 Khadija Ali Phytosociological study of floral diversity in Banjosa Game Reserve, Azad Jammu and Kashmir M. Phil Botany In progress
1 Hafsa Batool Optimization of DNA Extraction And Validation of Scats of Snow Leopard using Molecular Markers M. Phil Zoology In progress
2 Samreen Aruge Optimization of conditions for Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Snow Leopard Population of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan M. Phil Zoology In progress
3 Nazma Batool Behavioral Modification of Traumatized Asiatic Black Bears through Operant Conditioning in Semi-captive Environment M. Phil Zoology In progress
1 Gulshan Iqbal Khan Study of Age and Sex Specific Seasonal Variation in Weight of Black Bears In Pakistan Sanctuary M. Phil Zoology In progress
2 Aisha Khan Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in Ova albumin gene with fertility of Chukar (Alectoris chukar) M. Phil Zoology Completed
3 Umme Rumman Comparative Mito-genomic Analysis of Genus Canis using Bioinformatics Tools M. Phil Zoology Completed
4 Muhammad Sajid Role of Rescue 1122 in wildlife welfare in Punjab, Pakistan M. Phil Zoology In Progress
5 Nadra Zaheer Spatial and temporal interaction with some ethological studies of semi captive bears M. Phil Zoology In Progress
6 Ehjaz Raza Abbas Evaluation of City Dwelling Implications on Population of Birds in Urban Areas of Islamabad M. Phil Zoology Completed
7 Sakhwat Ali Population Status , Habitat and Feeding Preferences of Spotted Owlet (Anthene brama) at Foot Hills of Marghalla Hills National Park, Islamabad M. Phil Zoology Completed
8 Sikandar Farooq Ribulose-bisphosphate Carboxylase Gene (rbcL) Sequence Based Identification of Fagonia spp. of Pakistan M. Phil Zoology Completed
9 Aamar Hussian Khawar Survey of Physiological Diversity of Kahuta Region, District Rawalpindi M. Phil Zoology In Prgoress
10 Maria Tasleem Study of Algal Flora of Korang River Islamabad M. Phil Zoology Completed
11 Sadia Amir Floral Diversity and Vegetation Analysis of District Chakwal M. Phil Zoology Completed
12 Summaira The Study of Physiological Diversity of Mianwali District M. Phil Zoology In Progress
1 Ayesha Zulfiqar Polymorphism in CYP1A1 Gene in Pakistani Lung Cancer Patients M. Phil Zoology Passed
2 Faizan Matiullah Characterization of molecular markers for identification of Salmonella enterica serovar typhi M. Phil Zoology Passed
3 Manal Ajmal Association of some SNPs in eNOS gene with diabetes mellitus in Pakistani diabetic Patients M. Phil Zoology Passed
4 Nadeem Akhter Comparative nutritional evaluation of maize plant fodder M. Phil Zoology Passed
1 Saba Rani DNA bar coding of leopard (Panthera pardus) of Pakistan M. Phil Zoology Passed
2 Asif Ali DNA bar coding of Goat of Pakistan M. Phil Zoology Passed
3 Sohail Ahmed Effect of different feed formulations on the milk and meat production in relation to time consumed for intake in Nilli ravi and mixed cattle breed M. Phil Zoology Passed
4 Anum Iftikhar Natural occurrence of aspergillus secondary metabolites in fresh and ensiled fodders M. Phil Zoology Passed
5 Khush Bakht Microbial inoculation and nutritive evaluation of Khabbal grass [Cyonodon dactylon Linn. (Pers.) M. Phil Zoology Passed
6 Sajjida Latif Effect of inoculants on fermentation and nutritive value of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) M. Phil Zoology Passed
1 Samina Liaqat Detection of mutation in rpoB gene in local isolates of multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) M.Sc. Zoology Passed
2 Beenish Khalid Assessment of daily intake of aflatoxin M1 in Pakistani population M.Sc. Zoology Passed
3 Sarfraz Ali Assosiation of some SNPs in eNOS gene and serum nitrate level in Pakistani heart patients M.Sc. Zoology Passed
1 Naqoosh Zahra Some Aspects of Reproductive Potentials of a Captively Maintained Stock of Alectoris chukar: Facundity, Hatchability and Survival Rate M.Sc. Zoology Passed
2 Mohummad Nawaz Analysis of Naturally Occurring Mycotoxins in Aqua Feed and Feed Ingredients M.Sc. Zoology Passed
3 Aisha Ishaq A study on DNA Protective Activities of Some Vegetable Wastes M.Sc. Botany Passed
4 Nazish Kanwal In vitro Propagation of Morchella esculenta and Study of its Life Cycle M.Sc. Botany Passed
5 Kainaat William Evaluation of Biochar as Fertilizer for the Growth of Some Local Vegetables M.Sc. Botany Passed
6 Nehrish Nisar A Study on DNA Protective Ability of Peels of Different Citrus Species M.Sc. Botany Passed
7 Rabia Akhtar Abbasi Study of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) as an Antioxidant M.Sc. Botany Passed
8 Nabeela Shafique A Study on Antimicrobial Properties of Justicia californica Aqueous Extract M.Sc. Botany Passed
9 Khadija Ali Phytochemical Screening of Some Medicinal Plants of Karak District M.Sc. Botany Passed
1 Fauzia Khaliq Isolation and sequencing of cytochrome oxidase C subunit 1 (CO1) gene of Tor putitora. M.Sc. Zoology Passed
2 Bakhtawar Bibi Optimization of SSR markers in Asiatic Black bears, Ursus tibetanus to study the genetic diversity M.Sc. Zoology Passed
3 Iram Shahzadi PCR amplification of cytochrome oxidase C subunit 1 (CO1) gene of Ursus tibetanus M.Sc. Zoology Passed
4 Ghulam Dastageer Estimation of oxytocin level in milk, blood and urine of injected and un-injected Buffaloes. M.Sc. Zoology Passed
5 Sohail Ahmad Determination of oxytocin level in body fluids of injected and un-injected Cattles. M.Sc. Zoology Passed
6 Asif Ali Effects of oxytocin injection on digestion in buffaloes and cattle. M.Sc. Zoology Passed
7 Sughra Arif Determination of DNA protection ability and anti-tumorigenic effect of root extracts of Saussurea lappa. M.Sc. Zoology Passed
8 Romana Habib Analysis of phytochemicals and anti-tumor activity of different peel extracts of Punica granatum M.Sc. Zoology Passed
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